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Writing the main body

·       The main body of your text should be around 3-4 paragraphs

·       You can roughly divide these paragraphs between:

o   General picture of the information – what is most striking, important, significant or remarkable – “Perhaps the most remarkable element of the diagram is massive increase in sales of laptops over the past 15 years and the relative decline in desktops”

o   Similarities between data – “in general, the population of all the countries represented rose, with the exception of only two countries, namely France and Equador”.

o   Main differences between the data – “In striking contrast to the overall trend, the proportion of water resources utilized in the domestic sector shrank dramatically as a proportion of total water usage”.

o   Overall trends

·       Remember to give specific information to support what you are saying – “The total number of students engaged in higher education in Spain in the 1990s was by far the lowest of the countries surveyed, reaching a maximum of only 26 percent in 1996.”

·       Become familiar using vocabulary like:

o   Climb, go up, jump, leap, increase, skyrocket, surge, pick up, soar.

o    Decline, fall, descend, decrease, plunge, drop, dive, slide.

o   Fluctuate, erratic, rising and falling, vary.

o   Flat, remains stable, is unchanged.

·       Additional useful adverbs include:

o   Dramatically, erratically, substantially, incrementally, slightly, steadily, markedly.

·       Add specific information to support your report:

o   The population rose from… to…

o   Between… and… there was a rise of X percent from… to…

o   In the year of…

o   During the period in question…

o   Over the course of the decade…

o   In the latter half of the 20th Century…



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