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Writing an Introduction


"The bar chart describes the expenditure per person per week spent on fast foods in UK while the line graph illustrates the trends in consumption of that from 1997 to 1990. As can be seen from the bar chart, expenditure on fast foods is broken down into 3 groups—high income, average income and low income."


Above is a good example of an introduction. It provides the reader with a rough overview the information described in the question below.

One sentence can be enough for an introduction, sometimes it needs more. Practice doing this over and over with different tasks and then sit down and see how you did. The more you practice the better you will get.

·       Do not simply copy the words in the sentence – make sure you use synonyms and paraphrase where you can:

o   Illustrates/presents/gives/displays/shows

o   Data/information/statistics/

o   Chart/graph/digram/table/illustration

·       Remember, if you copy the question the words will be deducted from the word count.

·       Try using some of the following sentences to help you with your introduction:

o   The graph shows/illustrates the trends in… between… and

o   The graph gives/provides/reveals/presents information about (the differences/changes)

o   The graph/diagram shows/illustrates how the population has changed




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