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Process Charts



You may be asked to describe a process or other form of information in a picture. To complete this kind of task take an approach similar to the one used in describing data. Examine the information carefully and make sure you understand it. Look specifically at the beginning and the end of the process.

Things to remember when you start the task:

•      What is the overall purpose of the process? What is the end result

•      How many elements are involved?

•      What elements are involved – have you mentioned them all?

•      What is the relationship between the different elements?

•      What additional information can you add about the role of each element?


·      When practicing process questions, pay special attention to adverbs:

o   First/firstly/first of all/then/after that/next/following/afterwards/subsequently/finally

·      Also, prepositions will be important:

o   At the beginning/in the middle/at the end

·      Try using some of the following conjunctions:

o   As soon as that is finished/after this process/immediately after/before this takes place/when this is completed




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