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Bar Charts



Bar charts present data much like graphs so many of the rules for graphs apply to bar charts.

•      When making comparisons, try to group things together when possible.

o   For example, in the above example we can say: “The students can be divided into two groups, UK students and non-UK students…”

•      Then compare the two groups:

o   For example, you could say: “Across all categories of study, UK students are more than double any of the non-UK students…”

•      Then you can try to identify some specific features within the groups.

o   For example: “For UK students, Arts subjects are most popular…”

•      Or you can identify similarities between different groups;

o   For example: “Arts subjects are most popular with British and French students, while engineering subjects tended to be more popular with German and Dutch students…”

•      Although the data displayed was collected in the past, you can either the simple present or simple past to describe the information. For example:

o   Simple past: “As we can see the number of cars increased/rose/decreased/shrank/contracted over time…”

o   Simple present: “it is obvious that over time the number of cars increases/rises/decreases/shrinks/contracts…”  



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