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Many people take the IELTS time and time again, and fail to get the score they need. Usually this is because they don't understand the marking system. This site is designed to help you get the score you need.


Take a test online, and one of our IELTS professionals will get back to you within 48 hours with a detailed breakdown of your score, why you got it and precisesly what you need to do to get the score you need.


Then you can acess the lessons on the site for free to specifically target the areas you need to improve.


For this reason, we’ve broken the lessons down so each lesson focuses on the official IELTS marking criterion.


These are

  • Task Achievement for Task 1 or Task Response for Task 2.
  • Connective and Cohesive Features
  • Lexical Resource or vocabulary
  • Grammar Range and Accuracy


To understand more about these different criterions please see the sections that explain them.



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